Monday 1 February 2010

Blyth Harbour/South Beach 31/01

The Iceland Gull was seen about an hour before I got to Blyth Harbour, perched on top of the Port Authority building. All I found there were around 30 Ringed Plover roosting. Elsewhere there were plenty of sights and sounds on a beautiful last day of January.

HMS Illustrious was offshore on exercise and, according to the harbour master, the billowing black smoke suggested it was having 'engine problems'.  This ship was launched from Swan Hunters in 1978.

Less polluting craft included three gents in kayaks fishing just off the harbour mouth.

There were a number of Shag in the harbour looking very dapa with crests aloft.


Two Eider pairs were very vocal with the males making their pleasant "ah-ooo" call and occasionally 'scrapping'.

Lastly I came across two herring gulls showing a nice contrast between a 3CY (second winter) bird on the left and a 2CY (first winter) bird on the right. You may note that the 3CY bird appears slightly smaller than the 2CY bird and has a thinner bill - possibly male and female birds or just down to size variation.