Friday 28 September 2012


After six weeks confined to 'analogue world' I've now got broadband back on courtesy of Belated Telecom. Still, their old poles come in handy.....

Little Owl box

In that time I've been busy settling into my new home, building an ever longer garden list with Golden Plover, Jay, and Barnacle Goose the latest additions. Kingfisher has to be the highlight so far (neighbour has a big pond!).

Moth trapping has given me some good records too, with highlights of Northern Deep-brown Dart  and Orange Sallow.

2231a Northern Deep-brown Dart
2271 Orange Sallow
And after the big storm, plenty of migrants on the coast. Here's a couple of pics taken at St Mary's Lighthouse yesterday:

Reed Warbler
Common Redstart
Spotted Flycatcher