Thursday 31 July 2014


My wife Gail reckons I spend too much time 'tittivating the garden'. She's probably right (she normally is) but the local wildlife seems pleased.

The colony of Tree Sparrows in my garden, which was just one pair in a hole in the house wall two years ago, is now, with the addition of a few nest boxes,  seven pairs producing at least sixty young!

Taking a break from raising a third brood!

Another 10 boxes have gone up on my neighbour's stable wall, and another 10 will go here and there ready for next spring. Maybe 20 :)

The right plants in the right places have also brought an abundance of invertebrates, especially in my 'untidy' garden. Gives the Tree Sparrows plenty of food for their young.

Yarrow Plume moth, likes the Yarrow :)
And the butterflies are loving the nectar bar in the front garden.

Small Tortoiseshell
Time for some more gardening....