Friday 19 February 2010


Got along to Ashington's Nursery Estate yesterday and managed to get the Waxwings on Video, but no for long! Everytime they landed either a pair of Mistle Thrush would chase them, a car would come round the corner or a postman would pass by. Good crack with the other birders who had made the effort to see these beautiful birds. If only they were in my garden like they were last year (50 on 30th Mar 09).

If you hear a Thrush Nightingale singing in the video, don't burn rubber to Ashington, it's just my phone :)

And finally, a beautiful and uplifting set of photos put to music by fellow blogger Tyne to Tweed:


  1. Bloody excellent! I have a shockingly bad record with Waxwings - and Edinburgh is one of the best places for them. December 2008, I missed 400 in Lidl's car park.
    Always a treat to see footage of these brilliant birds - thanks.

  2. I really enjoyed the video clip of Waxwing. I've never seen one before, and that clip certainly got my blood rushing lol.

  3. I was lucky enough to see them in Ashington today but they weren't feeding so it was nice to see that. It was strange watching the Tyne to Tweed footage after seeing your previous UGLINESS posting. Perhaps you could do something with that with a Thrash Metal soundtrack.
    Nice post, as ever.

  4. Cracking waxers, but that DSLR shutter soundtrack is a bit annoying tbh !