Tuesday 1 June 2010

Who threw that?

When one of these bad boys hits you on the head it hurts! Cockchafer Beetles have the weight and density of a small conker, only they fly faster. When I lit up rural Northumberland with my moth trap on Monday night they came hurtling from all directions.

The longworth trap caught a Wood Mouse and one of these:

Bank Vole

Noctule bats joined me on the moth hunt

Here's some of the moths caught:

May Highflyer

323 Phyllonorycter oxycanthae
A tiny moth about 4mm long

Scorched Wing

Clouded Silver


Small Phoenix

Silver Ground Carpet

Water Carpet

Flame Carpet

Common Lutestring


0141 Nematopogan schwarziellus

Dwarf Pug
Brindled Pug (I think)


  1. some beauties there :)

    I haven't forgot about sending you that email, will try and get it to you this week :)

  2. Nice moth catch :-)

    Was the Bank Vole from your garden Tim?

  3. Mark - Vole was from the same location as the moths, a few miles north of Corbridge.

  4. Ah, I thought you`d just been running the trap in the garden, not elsewhere. Thanks Tim, and nice find with the Vole btw :-)