Thursday 24 June 2010

One step too far?

The cries from a Herring Gull chick drew my attention this morning. The poor thing had walked off it's chimney nest site and slid down the roof. It attempted to walk back up the roof but inevitably gravity won. Thankfully it slid onto a projecting window below and not to the cats below. It does, however, remain in a very dodgy spot so I'm not too optimistic for this one.

While this was going on a Goldfinch was busy munching through some corn flowers and ignoring the niger seed that's been out for 4 months without attracting a single bird.


  1. Tim,

    I had a Niger Feeder up for about 6 months and not a glimpse of a Goldfinch. Carole then decided to clean all the feeders and found that the Niger had become a solid lump. She binned it and put new seed up and within a couple of weeks loads of Goldfinches and Greenfinches. I put up a Niger Feeder at work also and although lots of Goldfinches around nothing touched it for a couple of months

    ps. we now spend a bloody fortune on Niger


  2. It took our Goldies about a month to start using the Niger feeder Tim, they`d fly within inches of it, sit on the branch next to it and even sit on top of it without feeding. Frustrating little buggers at times - they`ll start using it eventually...