Thursday 10 June 2010

Out of harms way, for now

If you dare to nest on a roof top at the North East coast then you may be staring down the barrel of an air rifle or see your nest pushed off a roof top, chicks and all. Sadly, most people won't live with wildlife if it wakes them up in the early morning, craps on their car or dive bombs their dog. This may go part way to explain why Herring Gulls are on the Red list for species in decline in the UK.

My suggestion is to get some ear plugs, wash your car and try not to be a sissy when out with the dog. This means nothing gets killed or evicted. Live and let live.

Either my neighbours share my sentiments or they just can't reach the two pairs of nesting gulls either side of my house. Both nests now have chicks - you can hear them but seeing them is another matter.

Safe for now

Once the young fledge 'people' will doubtless aim their cars at them, run away screaming, complain to the council, write to the local rag or call the RSPCA to 'rescue' them. All of the above happened in a single day last year. Hopefully by sharing some knowledge with my neighbours they will have a warmer welcome this year and a rosier future.

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  1. I agree with you. I think that is the problem with todays society. They don't tolerate nature and have no idea about the natural world and some don't even care. It is a shame, but a fact.