Monday, 28 June 2010

Bay Watch 28/06 staring Lepidoptera

The patch wander this afternoon was dominated by butterflies but the day got off to a belting start when I got a look at two Lime Hawkmoths caught last night in Tynemouth by Tom Tams. These are the 2nd and 3rd records for county. The first county record was last year in Toms garden!

Here's a dodgy pic taken with my phone.

979 Lime Hawk-moth Mimas tiliae

Now back to the patch.

It was a very warm afternoon along the waggonway

A recent small fire

I lost count of Speckled Wood along the waggonway and in Holywell Dene. 
I even had one in my Moth trap on Sunday morning!

This stunning Large Skipper was seen along the waggonway

This field was ploughed on 16th May. It is now a healthy potato crop

In Holywell Dene, a couple of Chimney Sweeper moths were out feeding

Walking towards Whitley Bay near St Mary's I had a probable
Hobby fly by - not good enough views to nail it. 

Common Blue at St Mary's Wetland

This Sedge Warbler fed young at St Mary's

The verges near Whitley Beach have been left uncut
 allowing for a colourful display of wild flowers.

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