Monday 9 May 2011

New moth trap does the biz

My new skinner trap went out for the first time last night, and I was rewarded with a superb Alder Moth this morning. A terrific start to the new mothing week!

2281 Alder Moth Acronicta alni

This is only the 20th record for Northumberland, and the earliest recorded by 20 days.

New SkinnerTrap

The new trap was made for £20 (not including electrics). The previous trap was bought ready made for £60 (not including electrics) and was pretty poor quality with plenty of gaps for moths to escape, and suffering from warping due to the thinness of the ply used. Thanks to Tom Tams for his power tools, joinery expertise, time, coffee and chocky bickies.


  1. Smart moths they are, Tim. Looks like it`s going to be a record breaking year for emergence dates.