Tuesday 24 May 2011

Greater Bird's-foot Trefoil?

This picture was taken on the North coast of Scotland and initially I thought it was just Bird's-foot Trefoil, but it's just too hairy and big. Can anyone confirm that it is infact Greater Bird's-foot Trefoil? Click on image to enlarge. Thanks in advance.

A picture taken by Stew Sexton - see comments below


  1. Just looks like BFT to me Tim? Sometimes things grow up to the light when forced? I see you lable it Hairy BFT ? Tricky Plant...I saw this pic on NE Moths and didnt send mine. I'll send you my BFT for comparison...

  2. Thanks Stew. Got your picture and yours looks as hairy as mine!

    I've been round the houses with this one. At first I thought Hairy BFT, but HBFT is a smaller and very hairy indeed. As it happens, I've just been over my local park and found BFT that is smaller and hairless compared to the one I found in Scotland. Could it be that yours is Greater BFT?

    I'll put yours on this post, alongside mine, for comparison.

    (Yes, this does sound perverse!)

  3. No, mine is deffo bog standard BFT. You can see lots in the background where it grows in teh quarry. Thats the bother with plants, they're worse than moths!

  4. Just checked the Blamey guide.
    BFT can be hairy or hairless.
    Greater BFT is found 'throughout except N Scotland'!
    Hairy BFT is coastal S Ireland, SW England, S Wales, Scilly and Channel Is.

    So based on that lot both of those above are Common BFT.

    Done ;)