Saturday 21 December 2013

East Chevington Murmuration

At about 3 30pm the first starlings appear, just a few small flocks of ten or more, then the numbers build. Eventually about 15,000 gather, putting on quite a show as they fly very low over our heads. By 4pm they drop into the southern reed bed to roost. Next time I'll make sure my video camera batteries are charged!


  1. Have been following the growing numbers for some six weeks now but never a fantastic murmuration yet. Had been finding the main body flying about for ten minutes but not very "organised" and after they had gone down many more groups coming in and straight to roost. They did roost on the south pool initially but switched to the SW corner of the north pool three weeks ago. Still brilliant to watch nevertheless. I stood with another guy on Weds. and we reckoned around 12,000 birds might have come in so nice to hear we were reasonably close with our estimate.

  2. Quite organised, in just two large flocks, merging together with some good 'murmurs' coming very low over our heads was a great close encounter!