Friday, 22 June 2012

Vanity Kills

Mowing grass verges is an English condition that is detrimental for the plants and insects that live there. The overwhelming attitude is 'you can't let the grass grow, it looks untidy'. Our urge for tidiness sadly means that we are mowing plants, and hundreds of different species of insects, moths, and butterflies, out of existence. And birds, mammals, and amphibians are deprived of food and shelter.

There are some high profile campaigns coming to the fore looking to change this. Hopefully, through education, we can encourage an approach that is less about us and our visual perception of what looks good, but what science tells us is good - life in all its diversity, thriving.

Next time you see the council mowers, spare a thought for all the butchered inhabitants....and if you feel strongly then support Plantlife's Campaign.

Cinnabar Moth
St John's Wort Beetles
Bee Orchid
Grass Veneer
Xysticus cristatus
Tenthredo arcuata


  1. Great stuff Tim, thanks for the campaign link

  2. Jumping on board immediately.
    The words of a wise man.

  3. I have commented on Liverbirder but I have named and shamed NCC in an e-mail to plantlife.

  4. NCC have a project to developed wild flower meadow and you can contact them about areas that shouldn't be cut so rigourously. The way forward is to complain to you local councillor - they have the power, not council staff.

    "The Council would like members of the public to let them know of any areas of grass that are regularly cut which they would like to see transformed into wildflower habitats. Alternatively there may be areas of grassland that were once a sea of wildflowers but have unfortunately been cut too vigorously in recent years that could be restored. We would also like to know of any areas of existing wildflowers so that we can ensure they continue to be managed in a way that will preserve them. If you have any ideas for suitable wildflower sites please get in contact with Elaine More at Northumberland Wildlife Trust on 0191 2846884 or"