Wednesday 16 May 2012

Swift response required

Swifts go "Amber" as UK population crashes
Nature conservation organisations in the UK last year put the Swift on the "Amber" list of birds at risk, in recognition of the population having almost halved over the past fifteen years. While Amber status alone will not provide a remedy for the decline, it will bring institutional and political attention to the Swift's plight, and will give added credibility to our campaign to ensure that existing colonies are no longer eliminated quite so casually by builders and developers. It may also help to persuade institutions to help Swifts by creating places for them in new building projects.

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My own efforts have so far involved installing a double swift nest box, that is currently home to two successful Starling broods, another species in decline so I'm not too fussed. Fledglings are nearly ready to leave, and the parents are getting quite raucous in their attempts to entice their offspring to leave the nest.

Starling - Sturnus vulgaris
Swift boxes can be made starling proof, something to bear in mind as I assess where I can put another. Unfortunately I have no proper eaves, but I do have a chimney :)

Go on, get a swift nest installed today. Lots of guidance here -

Please leave a comment if you intend, or have taken action, and let me know if you have more success than I have!

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