Monday, 8 August 2011

Double Take at Holywell

Black-necked Grebe

I popped along to Holywell Pond to see the Black-necked Grebe this morning, and there it was, right in front of the members' hide. For the first few minutes it sat with its head down having a snooze. Then, deciding to feed, it dived. And when it surfaced there were two of them!

Along a nearby hedgerow, a Whitethroat scolded me as waited to ambush it with my camera. A few minutes passed and it came into the open, only to be ambushed by a Sparrowhawk, some six feet in front of me! The Whitethroat managed to dodge the attack, and then did a very good job of avoiding getting photographed, save for a couple of shots taken through the undergrowth.


  1. Nice shots Tim, particularly like the first Whitethroat one, something special about it. The 2 BNG still present this evening. cheers Cain

  2. Lovely whitethroat shots.

  3. Cheers. I nearly dumped them as the grass and twigs in between spoilt them a touch. But seeing as I was there for an hour I wanted something for my efforts :)

  4. Definitely, the tones the grass blur makes in the first picture is brilliant !