Friday 15 July 2011

A queer fella at Arcot

While do a spot of mothing at Arcot I noticed lots of these little fella's in the grass which turn out to be Common Green Leafhoppers (Cicadella viridian).

A few other highlights included a reeling Grasshopper Warbler, posing nicely in the open.

Moth wise there was just a few including Udea lutealis, Straw Dot, Silver-ground Carpet, lots of Agriphila straminella, and a single Latticed Heath.

Agriphila straminella
Latticed Heath

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  1. Latticed Heath is lovely to see, and jolly hard to photograph (from my own experience). The leaf Hopper too is very interesting - it's a great colour. I did once see a Grasshopper Warbler in a hedge in the Breamish Valley. That was many years ago and though not prominent like yours, it was quite a thrill. I used to go to Arcot regularlywhen I lived at Killingworth and rather miss having those interesting sites close at hand.