Sunday, 5 December 2010

Snow Buntings & Larks

Went to Blyth first thing to find John (Howdon Blogger) photographing Snow Buntings. Seven birds in all including a cracking male. Then it was onto St Mary's where the Skylarks were feeding on the seed that was put down on Friday, a Black Redstart was feeding at the base of the cliffs at Hartley and a procession of Song Thrushes moved south. Enough words, here's some pics:

Male Snow Bunting

Female Snow Bunting

Sky Lark

Rock Pipit

Rock Pipit

Ten Grey Partridge in the fields at St Mary's

Icicles adorn the cliffs at Hartley


  1. Nice snob, and good on ya for keeping them skylarks fed, they need help in weather like this !

  2. Cripes, I'm being haunted! How's birding on the 'otherside'?

  3. Birding on the otherside is great ta !

    Last year we were emergency feeding the skylarks in that bad weather, but this year we've got some bird seed crops in place. They're certainly pulling in the birds, a few snow buntings and laps there in the last week, 250 skylarks, 130 tree sparrows and 70+ yellowhammers, but still no sign of that dream pine bunting yet !

    It's great birding tho, and less effort than luggin around those huge sacks of barley !