Sunday 21 November 2010

Caption Competition

No prizes, just a few laughs. See if you can come up with a caption for the following pic that has North East birder Alan Tilmouth (left) talking to the controversial Lee Evans.

Lee visited the North East last Tuesday burning £170 on petrol to see the Desert Wheatear - gone, the Ross's Goose - gone, and the Squacco Heron which he found deceased. Not wanting to go home empty handed he returned to Essex with the heron in his boot, allegedly.

 "Will you swap the Squacco for a Lady Amherst?"


  1. Are those socks for real or did you do a mega twitch the get them...

  2. Alan made the fatal mistake:
    "Whats the best bird you have ever seen in the UK?"

  3. Tim, the truth can often be as funny, Lee had just warned me "Not to get involved with the Arabs, some of them are well dodgy" (or words to that effect).

    I was preparing an article about the potential loss of a key birding site (Jahra)in Kuwait to development, a site that he has visited several times.

    Or was it Arabs, maybe it was Audi drivers? ;0

  4. Lee Evans is saying,' Tonight, Matthew, I'm going to be Jimmy Nail.'

  5. Or, 'How do you like your Squacco steaks? Rare or medium?'

  6. "White socks where good enough for Micheal Jackson, so there good enough for me "!!!