Thursday, 30 September 2010

Yellow-browed Warbler, 3rd time lucky

Yellow-browed Warbler (photo courtesy Tom Tams

Finally located not one but two Yellow-browed Warbler at Tynemouth today with the help of Tom Tams. One was around the Haven car park and the other along the slope below the Priory at the Haven just before the start of the Tynemouth pier.

Several birders turned up including John (Howdon Blogger) and Michael Frankis who had peddled from Jesmond.

Garden Warbler

Meadow Pipit

And a new moth for the garden last night.......

2091 Dark Sword-grass Agrotis ipsilon


  1. Tim,

    Great to see you at Tynemouth, didnt know about the other bird below the priory although got a couple more brief sightings after you left. Nice pic (what happened to the one you showed me)?


  2. Likewise John. Thanks for putting me on the bird for some great views. The pics I took were all blurred :( Tom out gunned me somewhat!