Tuesday 6 July 2010

Mothed Under

Mothing has been fast and furious over the last week. I've been out and about mothing with a night at Humshaugh, where I trapped my first Elephant and Poplar Hawk-moths, a family members garden in Whitley Bay and my own. I've added a Skinner trap with 2 x 30W actinic tubes at home and it's pulling in a lot of additional moths.

Here's a three new species from the last few days.

Beautiful Golden Y

Blue-bordered Carpet

Poplar Hawk-moth


  1. Really enjoying the moths, beautiful or otherwise. We have 6 moth traps here, they are called cats. Have to turn off the kitchen lights to try to save the poor things.
    There are some real stunners.

  2. Nice catch Tim. When ive been driving my bus at night im seeing Moths everywhere they seem to be out in large numbers at the mo.