Sunday 16 May 2010

Bay watch 16/05 starring Circus aeruginosus

Waggonway looking lush and green

I strode out along the waggonway about six this evening and as I neared the Brierdene Farm along came a very nice surprise, a Marsh Harrier. A sub adult 2 CY by the looks of it (any thoughts on exact age and sex welcomed), and a new addition to the OFFH list (On Foot From Home).

Worra Belter!

After the excitement I headed towards Holywell Dene where, in nearby fields, lapwings are rearing their young.
Lapwing Chick

After getting drenched by a heavy shower I headed home with the sun setting and the feeling that it was mission accomplished.

Fantastic view looking south from Holywell Dene

Looking west from the waggonway

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