Sunday 17 January 2010

Bewick Swan

The 2 Bewick Swans were still near Newsham this afternoon, grazing within a group of Mute Swans. The Bewick is the smallest of the swans that occur here with a shorter-necked and more rounded head shape. While bill pattern varies, it always shows more black than yellow (opposite in Whooper Swan).

Location Map: Click Here


  1. Hi Tim,

    Do you have a grid ref for these birds?

    Cheers Cain

  2. Try this NZ 298 785
    If you go along the A1061 from Blyth South Beach, once you go over the level crossing, go straight over the roundabout and look for an area on the left where you can pull off and park. Look south west about 500 yards. Hope that helps.

  3. Cheers Tim, will ahve a look in the morning

  4. I really enjoyed the video clip - very artistic.

  5. Thanks for the directions, will call along tomorrow to try and spot them. Tell you what though but, you can narf tickle the ivories. A nice accompaniment to your vid.