Friday 4 December 2009

Checking out the birds down by the pool

There are two ways to go birding abroad. Firstly there's the hardcore approach where you don as much karki as possible, slap on the factor 1000, on any visible skin left, pull up the white socks, fasten the brasher boots and go chasing 500 species from first light to well after dark. This is not fun near the equator. Indeed I have seen grown men reduced to tears, on organised bird tours, ridiculed for not being able to keep up with the group. That's why I don't go with 'Tickseekers'. I just go with the missus, a pair of flip flops, a dangermouse tee shirt and some shades. For the first couple of days I like to checkout the birds down by the pool.:) You can also pick up some great local knowledge off the bar keep. And if not, well the bitang beer is very good.

The commonest birds poolside, here in bali, are Yellow-vented Bulbuls. The have a very melodious call. This one (pic above) was in the palm above my sunlounger. Other birds of note include lesser frigate birds passing overhead, spotted dove, olive backed prinia, common tailor bird, grey and purple herons, savanah nightjar, tree sparrows (everywhere) and java munias. Tan is coming on a treat by the way.

Click here for Video of Yellow-vented Bulbul.


  1. Now that is lazy birding. Watching from your sunlounger.

  2. Indeed, but it was bloody hardwork getting here. It's a long drive!