Sunday, 15 November 2009

Ready, Aim, Fire! (Videoscoping at Beadnell Bay)

My intention today was to video short eared owl, but no such luck. I walked along Beadnell Bay, to the Long Nanny and climbed one of the dunes to get a good vantage point. No owls, but I found several Roe Deer about a mile away and wondered if I could videoscope them at such a distance. No problem - click here to see the result.

Still no owls but I came across a large circle of Fungi in the Dunes. Dunno what it is so it looks like I'm gonna have to invest in yet another field guide.

Not much else to report other than a large Common Gull Roost on the beach, oh and a flock of Twite I videoscoped - click here to view

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  1. Hi Comet
    I see it was a tad windy when you were videoing the Roe Deer.I caught the Otter at Druridge Pools on vid a couple of weeks ago. It was on the island for a couple of minutes rolling around and having a scratch but unfortunately the wind was battering the camcorder. I love it up there by the Long Nanny burn. I usually park up at Low Newton and head up there along the coast and come back via the dunes. Its cracking. Good luck when you get your Fungi guide............i've spent hours trying to identify the stuff i come across and it drives me crazy. Look forward to following your blog and i might bump into you "in the field" sometime.
    Good stuff