Thursday, 1 April 2010

White-Tailed Sea Eagle - Man Arrested

A model plane enthusiast from Newcastle was in police custody late last night after flying one of his creations, a life like White-tailed Sea Eagle, near Newcastle International Airport. The police said that he had caused a serious threat to aviation.

His actions were also reported to have created chaos on the ground as local bird enthusiasts chased it around Prestwick Carr and beyond.

A police spokesperson said that to anyone looking closely it was obviously a fake as a receiver could clearly be seen coming from the back of the 'Eagle'.

A local landowner was also taken in by the hoax and, believing his lambs were in danger, brought the 'eagle' down with a single shot from a 22 rifle.

Experts told us that the radio-controlled eagle is what's know as an ornithopter. Investigations are continuing.