Monday, 19 April 2010

Cresswell Jack & Wags

Having missed the Black-headed Wagtail yesterday I thought I would pop to Cresswell and get the Blue-headed.  It was distant (so no pics) along with at least six Yellow Wagtails. There were also two White Wagtails knocking about. What next, Citrine perhaps?
Yellow Wagtail & Friend

In front of the hide at Cresswell was a very obliging Jack Snipe.

Can you spot him?

A close up

Other birds of note were new additions to the year list; single Common Sandpiper, two Grey Partridge.

Also picked up my first Swallow for the county year list and another Blogger tick - Howdon Blogger.


  1. What brilliant camouflage. How did you spot him ?

  2. Tim, I knew where it was and still couldnt see it, even on the 20 pics I took and studied at home.

    ps nice to meet you