Sunday, 25 April 2010

Ring Ouzel - Prestwick Carr

I've just got back from Prestwick Carr where I managed to stumble across a Ring Ouzel amongst a flock of Fieldfare at about 8pm. It was passed the sentry box in the field to the west of the track at the next gate along.
Ring Ouzel & Fieldfares

On the way back down the track a 'hairy' cow bolted out of the bushes in front of me and scrambled back through the fence into the field where it had escaped from. A quick change of underwear and I headed towards Prestwick village where a Barn Owl was hunting.

Something this colour and size (small cow) moving fast with a long hairy tail...........
I thought I'd been ambushed by a Lion!
Barn Owl near Prestwick village


  1. Well that's what I get for dashing home to watch Time Team. Great sighting. Last one I know of was autumn 2002.

  2. A lifer for me as well. I was buzzing like a fridge!