Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Bay Watch 31/03 starring Phoenicurus ochruros

The patch walk today started along the Waggonway past Churchill playing fields and on to the Brierdene. Then over the fields to the cemetery and along the sea front home. The star finds were two Black Redstarts in Whitley Bay cemetery, a male and a female, gerrin! Other birds of note included a Chiffchaff and er, not much else.

The route was interesting thanks to the heavy rain yesterday.............

.......the footpath is under there somewhere.

Many of the Elders have this on them. Wonder what it might be?

Whitley Sea Front

I passed the fair being erected on the links and a painting on one of the rides caught my eye.........

You can't tell me that wouldn't hurt!

Also picked up a Blogger tick - Birding Sometimes


  1. pair of Black reds is a good find. Maybe they can breed - looks suitable habitat.

  2. The fungus on the Elder is called Jew's Ear Fungus, it is edible but that skin like texture puts me off a bit.

  3. Phil - Lots of BRs turning up on the NE coast at the moment so proably just passing through. If they do decide to stay then at least the neighbours won't give them any bother.

    Cain - Thanks. One thing's for sure, anything called Jew's Ear Fungus is not going in the mouth!