Monday, 5 April 2010

One last thing.......

While watching an episode of Columbo, 'Murder in Malibu' I noticed something rather odd.  The cigar puffing detective goes up in a cherry-picker to observe the early morning flight of crows near the murder scene. He watches a flock of crows fly past, which become an important clue as the explanation for sounds heard during Wayne Jennings’ telephone message, placing him at the scene.

They might sound like crows, but guess what.........they're fruit bats!


  1. haha I can remember watching Bill Bailey's birdwatching bonanza on Sky1 and was sure they got a species wrong. Some brief footage or a Marsh Harrier was actualy a Common Buzzard. No where near as bad as the mistake in Columbo but with it being a birding programme I found it quite funny.

    Really like your blog by the way :)

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