Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Nest Box Day at Wildupnorth Ranch

It was a big day at the Wildupnorth ranch today as the newly delivered nest boxes were installed.

First to go up was a House Martin nest, followed by a House Sparrow Terrace and lastly a Double Chamber Swift Box.

House Martin Nest

Sparrow Terrace

Double Chamber Swift Box

At ground level there are still no frogs in the pond


  1. Want some Frogs bring a bucket Tim I counted 50 adult last week in mine more than enough to go around.

  2. Thanks Alan. I'll see what happens as when they do show they usually come mob handed. And with my neighbour having paved over his pond they could be cheek by jowl in a couple of weeks.

  3. Nice erection Tim, did you do it yourself or get someone in to help you.....!!

  4. A very impressive erection. After that you cant fail to attract the birds.