Saturday, 13 September 2014

On yer bike!

Did a bit of birding by bike today, heading down to Holywell Dene, then onwards to Seaton Delaval Hall for an expensive bowl of national trust soup.

A couple of roe deer ran across the track in the dene, nearly resulting in a fatality - the bike rider not the deer!

A kingfisher flashed blue on it's way down the dene, and two dippers were in full song.

Overhead two jays were seen, an unusual record this near the coast.

In the fields towards the obelisk a single wheatear was spotted on a fence post.

But the highlight of the day had to be the Hummingbird Hawk-Moth that returned to the garden again.


  1. Hello Tim, I can see you've published a post on land next to Backworth Pond but it doesn't appear on your blog when I click through for some reason? Interested to know what's going on as I've not been there in a while. Cheers,

  2. Hi Sam, Following a chat with the farmer I judged the photos used (diggers in a field) to put him in a negative light, unfairly. He has removed Willows to enable harvesting of grass, the area being too contaminated by metals to be suitable for crop production. I'll blog about what is going on and why when I have time. There was also a photo of clearance of the Brierdene - the EA and highways agency have been on his back to keep this cleared to alleviate flooding.

  3. Hi Tim, thanks for the info. I'll no doubt pop along there at some point to see what's changed. Cheers, Sam