Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Windhover Haven

Prior's Haven of Tynemouth has been good for migrants of late, with good numbers of Willow Wren, Mavis and Blackies.

Willow Wren

If you pay a visit, checkout the Sea Buckthorn and Elders, berryfull, around the Haven car park, south of Prior's Park (or Knotweed Park - badly infested with Japanese Knotweed).


The cliffs around Tynemouth Priory are pretty much a dead cert for a 'Windhover' or two. If you want a gripping 'hover' shot then this is the place. I'm yet to succeed :(


  1. Four Shorteareds eventually hunted south of the road in the lee of the pond at 19.20 building to six soaring in the air at high level
    around 19.30