Tuesday, 16 November 2010

What's For Desert?

The report of a Desert Wheatear came through at midday so, after a couple of phone calls, the Quattro was fired up and pointed in the direction of Seahouses taking me Tom and Joe to see a cracking visitor to Northumberland.

Seahouses - harbour on the right, Desert Wheatear on the left, Farne Islands straight ahead.

The Wheatear was reported 400 yards north of the harbour on the beach. Someone's got long legs! The bird was on the beach at the end of the rocks (where the houses come to an end), more like 800 yards.

Desert Wheatear

Ross's Goose - it's there somewhere with a few thousand Pink-footed Geese


  1. Sorry I didn't get a chance to say hi Tim, kids and another one to collect from school, nice shots, I'd be interested in the technique on the panoramic, blog it as more than me will be no doubt.

  2. No problem Alan. Fantastic bird wasn't it!

    The panorama was done using an app on my iphone called Pano. Great little app!

  3. Cheers Tim, splendid bird and on a Tuesday afternoon crowd-free, doesn't get much better.

  4. What lovely shots Tim, you also did well with the Ross's Goose shot, well done

  5. Thanks Tom. I'll do you some prints :)

  6. what were the egrets and squacco doin here?

    blown off course, climate change???