Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Brierdene - Nuked!

According to the sign the Brierdene is "untouched".

The Friends of Brierdene have 'nuked' the grassland area along the Brierdene in Whitley Bay. As part of a  conservation project they have cut ALL the grass and understory vegetation and dug out Butterbur (one of the few sites for this plant and the rare Butterbur Moth in North Tyneside), and much of the Water Dock.

I would be interested in hearing the science & reasoning behind this decision. If you are involved, please get in touch.

Ground Zero


  1. Obviously so the dogs have somewhere to shit, that's what these open spaces are for isn't it?

  2. "Migrant birds that seasonally follow the coastline UTILISE THE DENSE SWATHES OF SCRUB for roosting and ............."
    flipping dense ?? who, where, when? jokers.